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Diretta host update through Linux ?

Hello, I’m running now Diretta under Gentooplayer or Audiolinux. I’m using only windows for updates. Is there a way to check updates availability and make the updates under Linux (move away of windows) ? Thanks

I have the same problem, how to upgrade Diretta in gentooplayer?

Hello, i think i was not clear enough,  i was talking about the update of the Diretta target Firmware under Linux (without using the ASIO driver and be obliged to have a Windows installed). 


I was asking Yu and Filippo about updating via GP. Yu replied that updates are provided by GP. Filippo replied 'diretta is updated, when an update is available in the script' but it seems to me there was never an update since Filippo added Diretta. I have purchased the target license and checking the target version via Diretta ASIO gives out: 104_8. Trying to check for updates on Diretta ASIO gives a Error Download Update List or something like this. I think the last stable version for host and target (via Diretta ASIO) was 109? Hmm..

Thanks for your message. I understand the case when you are using GP as a target. My question was more in the sense of the FW upgrade when you are using Diretta développement kit, Diretta USB key or other Diretta integrated in hardware out of GP. Concerning the updates in GP it could be great to have access to official and preview and being able to select the one you want/need.
Ah, I see. I forgot there are some more ways to use Diretta.

Strange. It seems emoticons are not supported here and my lines after that have vanished.

Well, I wrote that the GP target version 1101 looks like the latest DirettaALSAdriver 0_110_1. I am waiting for a confirmation from Filippo now. And I agree with you. It shoul be possible to chose the official and preview version like you can do it on Windows.

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