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Diretta and macOS

I bought a license of Darietta Target for my Allo USBridge Sig running GentooPlayer. 

I'm very happy with the sound, but I can stream to Diretta Target only from my PC. 

I would like to use Dirtetta Target with the players of my Mac. 

Is there a tweak that allows me to do that? 

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And is there a way to stream to Diretta Target from an iPhone? 

At this time there is no driver DIretta for MacOS.

You can make another GentooPlayer USB stick and connect it to an USB port of your  PC then start your PC on GentooPlayer, even in RAMDISK if you want. You just have to enable MPD and UPMPDCLI in GentooPlayer and choose  GentooPlayer-UPNP as audio device in your MacOS player (e.g. Audirvana). 

From an iPhone you can use Mconnect .

Thank you, Dominique. 

I will do that. 


I would also like Diretta/ Gentooplayer on my Mac. Now I understood that this is possible when connecting e.g. a Rpi via USB..


But it is not entirely clear to me if you can make the RPI function as a Diretta host when powered via USB from my Mac, meaning you can switch between the MacOS and Gentoo player and use GP Host headless most of the time?
My second and more important question is whether I can then select the RPI the Diretta "host" as output device via Audirvana or ROON on my Mac?

(For your information I have an already RPI based target in my audio equipment rack)

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