OS Sound Driver does not exist.

Incompatible with OS Level sound drivers, because Diretta is a network protocol

Basically, Diretta cannot support sound drivers
Network communication is done from userland using Socket

Windows ASIO

Support Application Plugin

Linux ALSA

Sample Embedded Appliance 
can not support

Andoroid iOS

can not support
Windows KS
can not support
Diretta LibraryWindows Linux macOS withi C++ (Manufacture License)

Windows ASIO (Support Application 

Use the plug-in (ASIO) mechanism of the playback application.

This OS is the only one that allows playback applications to use DirettaHost directly

So this is the only support app

Linux ( Embedded Appliance

OS is highly flexible and can take on any structure it excels at.

Its driver structure does not support MMAP in ALSA

A sample on Linux is provided for appliaince.

LinuxSoundDriver is not officially supported.

It is available for preview only.

macOS (can not create driver

OS has the concept of a sandbox and cannot create a bridge driver.

Due to OS limitations, sound drivers cannot be created

Andoroid iOS (can not create driver 

Unable to create daemon

Windows KS (Not so good.

Repeated dynamic driver activation makes things go wrong.

Not suitable for creating embedded drivers

Windows ASIO COM

Linux Driver 

Evaluation Applications MemoryPlay (only windows and Linux NOT other OS