Sorry, as of 2022/10/3, a glitch has been identified.

There is a bug that prevents FW from updating.

After updating, when I open the UpdateWindow, it shows Invalid

How to restore

Update to 2_109_2 by using the AddApp function to suppress the defects.

Prepare a USB memory stick.

Write the image for suppression to the USB memory stick.

Diretta Devkit
OLIOSPEC Canarino Bridge DUB


(The image differs depending on the model.)

Plug the USB flash drive into the Lucia USB port.

From Settings, change Mode to AddAppHost and press Save.

Please wait until Compleate is displayed.

It is still INVALID, please select 2_109_2 and UPDATE.

After the update is complete, if 2_109_2 is displayed, the update is complete.

If you close the UpdateWindow and reopen it, the invalid will no longer appear.

Unplug the USB memory stick and restore the settings.

optimiza socket handling
support Add App Host
  Each manufacturer can run any player application with Diretta Host

  Diretta does not supply those applications.
We do not supply apps to manufacturers.
Contact the manufacturer for support.
  The startup specifications are available in preview.

  Diretta will not be involved in any of those troubles.