Naitiv DSD can be disabled.

HD AUDIO (intel,Realtek) driver can be enabled. (only x64 RPI RPI_E)

HDMI Audo driver can be enabled.(only x64 RPI RPI_E)

Added M2Tech hiFace USB-SPDIF driver.
Kernel update.

DoPauto DSDNaitiv

enable  enable      DSD auto switch Naitiv or DoP

enable  disable     DSD play is all DoP

disable enable      only DSD Naitiv(If DSDNaitiv cannot support it, DSD will be unsupported.)

disable disable     DSD not support

The LED lighting pattern of Raspberry PI is the same as that of Lucia.

red onry bootup(Diiretta Target running
red&grenn Redy( DAC decetc
grenn onry Play(Play sound