Diretta is a end to end network protocol.

It requires IPv6 (Link Local ,Multicast).

There are Target and Host..
Target is the output destination for the audio.
Host synchronizes with Target and transfers data.

For check app

run check 

If A is missing , IPV6 is disabled in Windows. 

 Please enable ipv6 netowork card

If B is missing, there is no communication the LAN.
Please check network and hub
 The switch may not allow multicast to pass through.(Try direct connection.)

If C is missing, the output is not standby.


For Windows ASIO Driver

Check First

Please check the network connection.

Open the Diretta ASIO configure.
Press config and make sure that Target is displayed in Config Target

If you do not see it, check your network settings and connections.

A direct connection will also work.

Check Second

Please check the output destination to Target.

Press the Connect Target pull-down to confirm the output destination.
If it does not appear here, either the communication
with Target is not working or Target does not detect the output destination.
If First is normal, check the status of Target

For Linux Alsa Driver

VID will be displayed in Find Target.
Target Name displays the output destination.

Check the virtual driver status with aplay -l